Introduction to B-theory

B-Theory: Lecture & Eastern seminar 10


Introduction to introduction to B-theory 10

Topics of the week

1. Original BCOV theory
2. Tropicalization of  type A topological strings on toric manifolds
3. BCOV theory for type A topological strings on toric manifolds,
Morse homotopy and  Witten-Gerasimov-Barannikov-Kontsevich generalized complex structures
4. Conjecture on K.Saito good section for toric superpotential
5. Homological renormalization of Zwiebach versus Costello type
for particle theories
6. Homologiibach for stringscal renormalization of Zwiebach type for strings, Lorentz versus Euclidean signature for propagator and Wittens proposals from the 2013 paper on i \epsilon.


Organized by

Andrey Losev

Andrey Losev