15 March 2021 to 15 September 2021
Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in Saint Petersburg
Europe/Moscow timezone

Thematic Program on
Spectral Theory and Mathematical Physics

February – December, 2021

The program is devoted to spectral theory and its applications. The spectral theory is one of the domains where the Saint Petersburg mathematical school is traditionally very strong, the names of L.D.Faddeev, M.S.Birman and V.S.Buslaev are among the names of the world-known leaders in the field.


Tentative List of Long-Term Visitors

  • Denis Borisov • Institute of Mathematics UFRC RAS, Russia
  • Jeffrey Galkowski • University College London
  • Alexander Its • IUPUI, USA & St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • Ilya Kachkovskiy • Michigan State University, USA
  • Frédéric Klopp • IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne Université, France
  • Karol Kozlowski • Univ Lyon, France
  • Marcin Moszyński • Uniwersytet Warszawski, Poland
  • Andrey Piatnitski • UiT The Arctic university of Norway
  • Alexander Pushnitski • King's College London, UK
  • Luis Octavio Silva Pereyra • UNAM, Mexico
  • Valery Smyshlyaev • University College London, UK
  • Alexander Sobolev • University College London, UK
  • Elena Zhizhina • Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russia

Organizing Committee

  • Alexander Fedotov • St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • Nikolai Filonov • PDMI RAS, Russia
  • Alexander Its • IUPUI, USA & St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • Alexander Sobolev • University College London, UK
  • Nikita Senik • St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • Tatiana Suslina • St. Petersburg University, Russia
  • Dmitri Yafaev • University of Rennes 1, France & St. Petersburg University, Russia


The program is supported by a grant from the Government of the Russian Federation, agreements 075-15-2019-1619 and 075-15-2019-1620, and by a grant from Simons Foundation.

Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in Saint Petersburg
St. Petersburg, Pesochnaya nab. 10, 197022, Russia
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