10-14 July 2023
Leonhard Euler International Mathematical Institute in Saint Petersburg
Europe/Moscow timezone


The conference programme

Date/Time Talk Speaker
09:30-10:00 Opening of the conference
10:00-10:50        Horospherical variety of type G_2 Alexander Kuznetsov
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:10 Uniform bounded elementary generation of Сhevalley groups Nikolai Vavilov
12:20-13:10 B-root subgroups on spherical varieties Roman Avdeev
13:50-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:20 Automorphisms of the space of n × n-matrices preserving immanants Sergey Gayfullin
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:20 Skew Howe duality and limit shapes for Young diagrams Olga Postnova
17:25-17:55 Classification of coadjoint orbits of the unipotent radical of a Borel subgroup in a simple algebraic group of type F_4 Matvey Surkov
10:00-10:50 Cylinders in Fano manifolds Yuri Prokhorov
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:10 Narrow Lie algebras and integrable complex structures Dmitry Millionshchikov
12:20-13:10 Orbits and characters of unipotent groups Mikhail Ignatyev
13:50-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:20 Cylinders on (weak) del Pezzo surfaces and flexibility of affine cones Alexander Perepechko
16:30-17:00 Finite groups acting on compact complex parallelizable manifolds Aleksei Golota
17:00-18:00 Coffee break, poster session
10:00-10:50 Derived varieties of nonassociative algebras Pavel Kolesnikov
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:10 Birational geometry of del Pezzo surfaces Konstantin Shramov
12:20-12:50 Coadjoint orbits of free nilpotent Lie algebras Alexey Petukhov
12:55-13:25 Cubic surfaces over F_2 and Jordan constant for Cremona group of rank 2 over a finite field Anastasia Vikulova
13:50-15:30 Lunch
15:30 Spare time
10:00-10:50 Basic cohomology of canonical holomorphic foliations on complex manifolds with torus action Taras Panov
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:10 Supergroup OSp(2, 2n) and super Jacobi polynomials Alexander Sergeev
12:20-13:10 On some representations of maximal parabolic subgroups in Sp(2n) Anton Fonarev
13:50-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:20 Modified Makar-Limanov and Derksen invariants Anton Shafarevich
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:20 Cosheaves of Steinberg pro- groups Egor Voronetsky
17:25-17:55 Representations of short SL(2)–structures Roman Stasenko
18:00-18:30 Four approaches to the enumeration of dual defective finite sets Vladislav Pokidkin
10:00-10:50 Non-alternating Hamiltonian Lie algebras Mikhail Kuznetsov
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:10 On principal G–bundles over the relative projective line Anastasia Stavrova
12:20-13:10 Varieties covered by affine spaces, uniformly rational varieties and their cones Ivan Arzhantsev
13:50-15:30 Lunch
15:30-16:20 Morava K(2)-motives and Rost invariant Viktor Petrov