Inequalities involving Hardy spaces of Musielak type

5 Jul 2021, 11:00


Aline Bonami (Orleans University)


The space $H^{\log}$ has been introduced in relation with the product of functions $f\times g$ (in the distributional sense) such that $f$ belongs to $H^1(\mathbb R^d)$ and $g$ belongs to $BMO(\mathbb R^d).$ Since then, Hardy spaces of Musielak type have been the object of many studies, as well as generalizations of inequalities involving products. I will discuss some of them and characterize non-negative $L^1$ functions that belong to $H^{\log}(\mathbb R^d)$ and other Hardy spaces of Musielak type.

Part of this is work in progress with S. Grellier and B. Sehba.

Primary author

Aline Bonami (Orleans University)

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